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  • Kidzee is a pioneer of ECCE (Early childhood care and Education) in India.
  • Kidzee is Asia’s largest preschool chain
  • Your Kidzee preschool is a part of 1500+ centres spread across 550 cities in India.
  • Kidzee has nurtured over 4,00,000 children
  • Kidzee has a proprietary pedagogy, ‘iLLUME’ India’s one and only university-verified preschool curriculum.
  • And most of all , Kidzee makes learning fun.

Every child is a gift . Let us celebrate each one of them. Discover how kidzee’s 8-fold interactive iLLUME brightens your child’s path.

Our Feature


I CARE Robust monitoring system for prevention of child abuse.


AT Kidzee , our teachers are I CARE certified, which means they are trained to prevent any form of child abuse.

No unauthorised access

Besides a caring and secure environment, we make sure that no child is ever left alone.

CCTV surveillance

All rooms and areas are under constant CCTV surveillance.

Child’s well-being

These measures ensure that child’s emotional, physical and social well-being will be taken care of, at every point of time.

Life Skills

An all-encompassing teaching meathodology with life values Woven into the curriculum.

Phonics and English Readiness Programme

It is not enough to be fluent in English, but also to be aware of the right pronunciation and understanding of the language nuances. Keeping this in mind, Kidzee has designed a unique programme – Phonics and ERP. This programme is fully integrated in to the curriculum, adding the child with his fluency in the language and delivery of it. Developed in-house by Kidzee Phonics and ERP is specifically created for the Indian context, thus eliminating any influence of US/UK accents. This emphasis on ‘localisation’ will help the child to appreciate and respect Indian culture instead of getting overtly influenced by western civilization.

School Readiness

The curriculum at Kidzee is conceived in such a way that everything the child learns at the preschool prepares him for an easy transition in to Grade 1 in formal school. This smooth step towards a bigger future is accompalished via a series of activities that are woven in to academic programmes.


In today’s world, it is hard to ignore the influence and significance of technology in the education scenario. Understanding this, Kidzee has designed curriculum integrating a healthy affinity towards technology. However, it is strictly monitored that the technology is not overpowering the simplicity of learning. The teachers at Kidzee ensure that the kid are not getting attached to gadget and gizmos, thus maintaining a perfect balance of technology-friendly learning.


At Kidzee, our teachers are qualified experts in their fields. Thanks to iLLUMINAIRE – our unique training process, our teachers are well-equipped to contribute to the child’s holistic development. Besides, they regularly undergo several training sessions, seminars and workshops conducted by top-notch field specialists.

We give extra thought in designing a great rapport with the kids, which is why we train our teachers to develop practical and effective techniques, which they can incorporate in their relationship with Kids.

We ensure iLLUME, our unique teaching methodology is successfully implemented in all aspects of learning at Kidzee.



Child will achieve their personal best in all areas of their development! Eduction involves the progress of self-motivated, responsible and self-disciplined children. From a very young age we bring children, through purposeful activities, to independent learning and self-initiative, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. Self-esteem is achieved and skills vital to a fully functioning member of society are developed.

Our students work independently as well as cooperatively, learning to respect the needs of others as well as their own. A love of nature and a deep sense of responsibility for others and their environment are fostered. Also,the child should have fun and develop new friendships. Most importantly self esteem is nurtured so that each child is proud of their ability and is confident in what they can achieve.

Sharika Jen - Director, Kidzee sadhnapuri Patna.

Our Teachers

Our Child Interactive Illumne

Phonics and English Radiness Programme (ERP)

Phonics and English Radiness Programme (ERP) that ensures correct language learning and pronunciation.

School Readiness

KG Programme desined to make a smooth transition to Grade 1 in formal school.

Life Skills

An all-encompassing teaching meathodology with life values Woven into the curriculum.

I Care

trained teachers and staff ensure Child Abuse Prevention and the well-being of every child

What The Parents Say

“Our heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to Kidzee Malleswarm for providing our Kids a home to facilitate their growth and development.”

“Very much satisfied with the school & teachers. Ranvir is picking up things really fast & comes home really happy after attending school. Thanks to all the teachers”

“was very impressed with the way the teachers handle the kids. It did not feel like teaching. It was filled with fun. The class is so colourful and attractive. It was nice to see the teachers use props to teach as the children will understand better.”